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Sidewalk Sale and a Bird’s Eye View

Don’t forget our Sidewalk Sale is on until Sunday July 25.  So many amazing deals.  You can get a preview of the sales on our website. >> click on sales. While you’re there, take a look at our new web design and let us know what you think.

Sidewalk Sale

There are plenty of signs of progress in our food court renovation.  Have a quick look up at the ceiling next time you’re enjoying a meal in the food court.  You will see that a number of skylights have been removed or covered, the columns have been stripped, and of course the large wall enclosing the current construction area.

But it turns out the birds have the best view of the action.  Earlier this week the steel supports for one of two skylights was constructed.   It’s going to look great when it’s finished.  Thanks for your support in the meantime.


Happy Canada Day…. Yesterday.

After a beautiful day yesterday, White Oaks Mall is open again.

I Hope everyone had a wonderful Canada Day!  Even though the mall was closed, White Oaks Mall was proud to sponsor the South London Canada Day Celebration.  So much fun!  The day was capped off with a fantastic fireworks display.  There was free parking at the mall and we’re glad so many of you took advantage of it.

I haven’t updated for a couple of weeks.  There’s been lots of work going on in the food court, but it’s mostly preparatory work for some of the big changes coming in the next month.  You’ll see lots of pictures at that point…

BMO has a New Home.

The BMO ABM machine has moved to make way for construction.  You can find the full-service ABM just outside the food court toward the White Oaks Mall Information Booth.


Where’d those walls come from?

Food Court Hoarding
Wow. What a difference a day makes.

Last night the remaining kiosks in the food court were removed and a hoarding wall was installed around the first phase of work. Although you can’t see inside the work area when you visit White Oaks Mall, we’ll sneak you some pictures on this blog to let you in on the action.

In behind the walled area, your favourite stores are still open for business. Le Chateau, Northern Reflections, Costa Blanca, The Bay, Yummier and Bourbon Street Grill are all ready to serve you. Pay them a visit and say hello!