Makes You Feel Like Shopping

Up High and Down Low

There’s been quite a bit of progress since my last update, and if you’ve visited White Oaks Mall you’ve seen some of the changes.

First.  The height of the large hoarding in the food court has been cut down, which means two things.  One… You can now get a better look at great fall styles at Costa Blanca, The Bay, Le Chateau, and Northern Reflections.  And two… Grandpa can occupy his time watching the construction progress (while you check  out some of the other 170 stores and services at the mall).

Second.  Look up…. way up.  You’ll see the first of two skylights is now visible and providing some natural light in the food court again.  What you won’t see is that on the roof, construction on the other (and much larger) skylight is well under way.  A sneak peek is right here…

Third.  Just today, the first of the new food court tiles were laid.  There are a number of different colours and styles of tile that will be installed.  We think they are all beautiful… we hope you will agree.

Only a few days left of back to school shopping and there are soooooo many great fashions in the mall right now!!  See you soon!


2 responses

  1. lookitsbray

    Look at the size of that skylight wow! I hope everybody remembers to bring sunglasses, an umbrella, a portable fan, SPF 50 sunblock and lots of water when they plan on eating in the food court.

    September 2, 2010 at 8:36 PM

    • Yes it will be bright.. but the skylight will be semi-opaque, which will reduce most of the direct sunlight and heat.

      September 3, 2010 at 10:06 AM

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